To be proud, independent, self-sufficient Xaxli'pmec and continue to purse a land settlement with the Canadian Government; work with the best interest of the Xaxli'pmec with support, trust and respect of one another. For all to be open minded.

Mission Statement


Last updated: May 14/15

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We Encourage Xaxli'p Members to update their current mailing address and email address to the office so we can ensure that any correspondence that needs to be distributed by the office can be delivered promptly.


Please send your updated mailing/email address to Neil at neilkane@xaxlip.ca

Update your information for Xaxli'p Administration


St'at'imc Government Services

To Report a Grizzly Bear Sighting Phone:



Steps to Reporting:

1. Call the St'at'imc Government Services Environment Program: Grizzly Bear Recovery Program

2. The Wildlife and Lands Assistants will take your information

     - Location of Grizzly Bear

     - Description and Actions of Grizzly Bear (cubs, male, female, urban are, forest service road, size, etc)

     - your phone number and name

3. There is a Grizzly Bear Collaring Program for Conservation and Reocvery for Grizzly Bears in threatened Grizzly Bear Habitat units dependent on location

4. The Environment Lead Sue Senger will do the follow up on this




Garden Plow


If you would like to have your garden plowed, please sign up at the Xaxli'p Bulletin Board at the Xaxli'p Administration Office.

Office Closures

When: May 8, 2015 for St'at'imc Gathering

When: May 18, 2015 for Victoria Day

Pre-Post Natal Class

May 13, 2015

1 pm to 3 pm

Xaxli'p Health Kitchen

This is where both parents can engage with other parents and discuss or receive information that is needed for baby or parents. There will be snacks and drinks.

For more information contact: Shonna at 250-256-4800

Graveyard Clean up


Date: Friday, May 22

Time: 9am




Bring your shovels, gloves, and rakes


Any questions call Alice at the office 250-256-4800 ext: 1208

Community Lunch Program for School Kids


Monthly supplements for kids going to school

Pick up at the Band Office

For more information contact: Holly Dan

250-256-4800 ext: 1209


Contributions from Xaxli'p Health and Social Development NCB programs

Elders Lunch

Date: April 8, 2015

Time: 10:30 am

Place: Xaxli'p Hall


Every Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 pm and 1 pm


Invited: Everyone and anyone come out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!


Fitbit "Walk your Mocc's" program

Health info, healthy cooking, yoga, and plenty more!!

Health snacks will be provided!


Xaxli'p Health Kitchen

Shonna Jacob, CHW



This will be a day for your child to get caught up on any immunizations or have any health questions! Will be available every last Wednesday of the month!


May 27, 2015 at 10 am to 3 pm

Xaxli'p Health Centre


Join us with a health snack provided and if you are in need of a rise please call ahead of time, so arrangements can be made.


For more information please call 250-256-4800



Don't miss out on your chance to be pampered!


June 17 and 18 at 10 am


There will be hairs cutters, massages, nail painting, crafts, healers, doctors, mammograms, paps, and much , much more for men and women!.... There will be a speical speaker and enterainment on the last day along with a health feast! So come on out and have some social time along with some health time!


For more information please contact the Xaxli'p Health Centre at 250-256-4800


We are putting a Call Out for Community Members to submit a letter of interest to join our Housing Committee deadline is Thursday, May 14, 2015


If you are a Xaxli'p Community Member who resides here and are not in arrears and are in good standing with the Housing Department.


If you are not employed with Xaxli'p Administration


We are looking for a maximum of 5 Community members who will dedicate their time to attend regular meetings and can follow the Guidelines, Terms of Reference and Housing Policy for Xaxli'p Housing Department.


If you are interested please submit your letter to:


Dora Demers, Administrator

Mail: PO Box 1330, Lillooet, BC V0k 1V0

Tel: 250-256-4800

Fax: 250-256-4803

Email: hr@xaxlip.ca